spectres? is an installation designed to plunge the WORM visitor into a parallel auditory mourning space. Interviews that were conducted on the subject of mourning in relationship to media are transmitted into the aether with fm radio oscillators. The accounts can be tuned into over several frequencies of an old radio. Close to the radio a set of headphones is placed through which similar interviews can be heard. Simultaneously, conversations and noise from within the space itself are periodically fed into the recordings heard through the headphones at varying degrees of speed, creating a distorted personal experience within this public environment. These seemingly unobtrusive objects are placed in a sitting area where people usually cluster to chat, thereby placing the listener in a very public position while hearing accounts of various mourning experiences. The installation is site specific, using WORM's bar space to incite reflection upon the taboo of death/mourning and the fear of nurturing a consciousness of death in the public sphere.


"Dans la vie de tous les jours, la mort, jadis si bavarde, si souvent représentée, a perdu toute positivité, elle n'est que le contraire ou l'envers de ce qui est réellement vu, connu, parlé."

Philippe Ariès in Essais sur l'histoire de la mort en Occident.

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